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Dan Slater

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In 1991 I was working in retail sales while also working a second job as a electrician's helper, trying to put my daughter through school. One day,after navigating about a mile down a long and secluded tree-lined drive, I arrived on a job site. The home was beautiful and very large. The garage was twice the size of my house. As I approached the home, a shiny golden lab came bouncing toward me. His coat glistened in the morning sun. Since I was early, I sat in the grass and wrestled with the dog. After a bit, a slightly older gentleman approached. He introduced himself as the owner of the property and the dog. He joined the dog and me in the dew moistened grass. We sat for half an hour discussing our mutual love for animals and other interests. I told him of my dislike for retail sales hours and he told me of his passion for real estate.Three weeks later I was a licensed real estate agent working for his company. I now share his passion for real estate. I love kids, pets, & helping people with real estate. I find the field particularly rewarding when a grandparent asks me to assist with the purchase of a home for their grandchild. When someone thinks highly enough of you and your professional abilities to refer their children and their children's children to you, well, it makes you feel good about what you do. I'd like to feel good about helping you with your Real Estate needs also. Let's talk Real Estate




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